How can you earn money as a model of video chat?
As a video chat model you can earn money as a percentage of the price paied by a client (web surfer) for each minute of the private video conversation (it is an intimate and confidential conversation between you and the client) with you.
Is it a chance of gain if you do not have experience in this area?
As a rule, if you have experience in any field, you will be more efficient, but in this field the experience is not mandatory. It is important for you to be communicative and know to benefit of your beauty and to have the ability to dialogue for as long as posible with a client.
Is it a fixed schedule of work?
If working from home, then there is no work schedule, and if you work more then you have even more chances of gainning more money, as in every industry.
If you choose to work from our studio then the program is strictly fixed and to be at least 8 hours per day.
Will you be seen from your own country?
It is absolutely your decision if you want to be seen whether or not a particular country.
You can choose a particular country to be locked and then you will not be seen by visitors from that country.
Usually you can block countries with a weak economy, because they can not pay and they usually make payment problems.
What documents do you need to start work immediately?
In order to start work it is needed at least a scanned copy of your identity card, attesting that you have over 18 years.
Are your information and documents confidential with us?
Yes, the information and documents exchanged via are confidential and not disclosed to anyone except to the site administration that you will work for.
Do not you know if you want to work from the studio or from home?
If you have a stable and good quality internet connection, a regular personal computer, a regular webcam or even a camera, good knowledge of operating and installing programs on a PC and a place at home for this job, then you can work from home and make more money than you imagine. This option is the best one!
I you do not meet the above mentioned conditions then you can work from our studio, but you will earn only 50% from the amount you make.
Is it offerring accommodation for models?
Yes, offers accommodation for models which are interested to work in this area, but it is subject to availability.
Can you choose to work in non-adult (non-erotic) videochat?
Yes, can register you as non-adult model, but in this category will not be allowed to appear naked even in private sessions with the clients.
Can we work together to open a videochat studio?
Yes, it is possible to open a new collaborative videochat studios. You can contact us to evaluate a possible collaboration.
Is there an age limit for working videochat field?
There is only the minimum limit of 18 years, but the maximum age limit does not exist.

If you have already decided to work in videochat field you can click here: to apply online for videochat job.