castiguri videochat offers the following procedure for payment of your gained money, ie each month is divided into two work periods:
  • Period 1: 1 to 15 of the month: if you will rich the payment limit in Period 1, the payment date is on the 10th of the following month
  • Period 2: 16 to last day of the month: if you will rich the payment limit in Period 2, the payment date is on the 25th of the following month
The payment limit is 100$ for a payment Period.
For example, if You reach the payout limit in the period 1-15 January, You will receive Your payment on 10th February.
If You do not reach the payout limit in a period, Your money will roll over to the next periods until You reach it, then we can send it to You.

The percentage of earnings: With you can choose to work videochat from home or videochat from studio with these percentages of earning options:
  • You will receive 50% of earnings if you choose to work in the studio
  • You will receive 70% of earnings if you choose to work from home
An example of earnings, if you work from home, would be for example: if you receive $ 0.5 per minute, an hour would be $ 30 and $ 240 for eight hours and $ 7,200 a month.

Payment methods: You can opt for these payment methods, regardless of the percentage of earnings in particular:
  • Cash
  • Deposit card or bank transfer
  • Western Union
The payment will be in dollars or euros.

Special offer: If you want to earn even more, then you can recommend models which will work in the videochat field and you could earn like this:
  • Offer 1: $ 200 for recommended model when the model will reach at the amount of $ 1,000;
  • *Offer 2: $ 50 when your recommended model will reach each time the amount of $ 1,000;
  • *Offer 3: 5% of revenues for each recommended model for each payment period.
Offers marked with * are for an unlimited period!

If you have already decided to work in videochat field you can click on this link to apply online: apply for videochat job.